2015 to 2016

I promised myself last year to write an annual reflection post at the end of the year and on my birthday, so here it is- my year in review.

My religion is spirituality. I was never religious, always thought of myself as spiritual. This year, I’ve been fortunate to read Swami Vivekananda’s books, and boy have they transformed how I think! I’ve gained clarity on my WHYs and have come to discover practices that have sworn me to sanity (or insanity, as it may seem to many). I meditate daily, without fail, and believe in cosmic intelligence and the Infinite One. I have been able to develop strong reasons to not support or believe in a particular religion, for I’ve studied material that talks about evolving the human body as it is, and reaching a higher state of being. I’m not against anyone or any religion, I’m just stating my personal views: that all religions lead to the same truth, and one God. Ignorance is not healthy, holding a particular worldview without knowing why is lack of self-awareness, and religion is meant to help you get past the layers and lift the veil to ultimate self-realisation.

God, family, business- in that order. I watched this movie in which a footballer always talks about three things that he holds sacred: God, family, football- and that made me think about my three core reasons. For me too it is God and Family, and then there’s business, for one and one reason only, to impact lives. Bhagavad Gita made me realise that because of the position/family/circumstances you’re born into, you have certain duties that you need to fulfil to elevate your being to the next level. As someone born into financial security, I feel my duty is to create value and prosperity for others- and my background is most suited for business because that’s what I’ve been raised around and all I’ve ever wanted to do.  While many people view business is selfish, I am greatly opposed to that for the core essence of a business should lie in helping others, and that is where I get my passion for social enterprises. I often meditate on ‘love and abundance’ for the words fill me with a sense of purpose.

Finding love. This is the decade when all my friends will be married, most of them already started with it this year. To all my friends looking for love, I only have one advice: Your life needs to already possess and be abundant with the love that you are seeking. It won’t be new love when you find it, but a reflection of the love in your heart that you will share with a partner. Stop feeling like you always need a significant other to validate your presence, you need to learn to enjoy being single too, and that way you’ll be able to attract and build a healthy relationship. Needy and lonely are states we impose on ourselves, because of how we perceive our external surroundings. Value and cherish your life as it is, believe in grand possibilities but love every single bit of the present, and that’s when you will attract a partner that deserves you: when you are at your highest state of self-esteem and self-love.

Nothing in life is an accident, but everything is a miracle. I can’t exactly explain how deeply meditation has changed me but I can confirm this: I often dream, wake up to, or realise certain truths that I feel come directly from my heart. You have to learn how to acknowledge opposites- there’s good and evil, pessimism and optimism, evolution and involution, and that’s just how the cycle works. There can never be one without the other, where there is life, there is bound to be death. There are only two ways to live life: you believe that nothing is sacred OR everything is. Everything that happened this year has turned me into a believer of the law of cause and effect. Good attracts good, just focus on good, and you will learn how to escape evil and return to good, every time. There will always be negativity around, but you have to find a place within you, the place that’ll keep you safe, where you can re-introduce yourself to the good. I don’t mean to come across as a preachy-hippy, but I can tell you this: I’ve seen how my thoughts affect the quality of my day.

Work incessantly, work to live life to the hilt. While a lot of this post is turning out to be about trusting the timing of your life, and believing in the higher power- it doesn’t mean that I’m asking you to take a backseat until its all done. Yes there are things beyond your control, but you have to find your own meaning through your efforts, and you must put in the work without caring about the consequences. Discipline is freedom, when you find the work that fulfils you or even as you are trying to find it , you can design a life of discipline to achieve freedom. I aspire to live a life of discipline, in fact I felt my top form as I was training for Ironman, cause it filled me with a sense of satisfaction and contentment because I was working hard on something. I was able to compartmentalise my time and efforts with everything, and my whole life gained a new idea of balance. The first try didn’t work out- I got a ligament tear, but that didn’t make my journey any less beautiful, for I wasn’t training to reach the finish line (in my head, I already had crossed it multiple times) but for the virtue of discipline.

As this year ends, I promise to spend more time with my two loves: travel and music. Next year, I want to explore more places, meet new people and produce some music. I don’t have any idea how to, I don’t even know if I’m good but it’s something that I’ve always secretly wanted to do- just to live life one notch up. While I haven’t planned the details how the HOWs for those two yet, definitely on the menu are: publishing my first book, completing the Ironman, finding a way to harvest kinetic energy and giving a TED talk.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016, we’re gon have a blast!



Live forwards, no regrets!

Limits don’t exist anymore, I look at bad and good as merely circumstances rather than life states. You just gotta know that everything in life is transient. Perhaps, I’ve seen the transition too many times, going from quiet and low nights, to beaming and glowing soulful mornings. After experiencing drastic changes over a night’s time, I’ve come to realize that life is always moving forward, and it is our choice to either move along with it, or wither and fade away. My runs in the morning make me appreciate the nature to an extent that is almost transcendental. I feel like I get this window of a sweet escape where I’m absolutely capable of achieving anything, as I’m one with the whole Universe. I have clear visuals of being one with the cosmos, of breathing with the life forms around me and exuding extreme power. Moving to Delhi was a tough call, I was consciously making the decision to leave behind a life of comforts and build it all from scratch. No clues, no resources, no help, just a blank canvas- with the luxury of being able to adorn it however I wanted.

I am experiencing a paradigm shift within me now, I’m aware of it because I’m really introspective. I have found this unidentifiable source of energy within me, that’s making me appreciate life in a way I would’ve never before. I genuinely see the light in the eyes of the kids on the streets and I feel happy when I see exchanges of love in public, or like that time when I went to the dogs shivering in the park where I was running and put a piece of cloth next to them so that they could be warm. I smile to myself, I cherish love and kindness around me. I’ve picks three qualities that I look for in people- ambition, integrity and generosity, that simple! I want to associate with people who have a vision to make it grand, are honest and sincere and are willing to give back for this beautiful gift of life. Most people miss out on dreaming big and philanthropy because they set limits on everything, they never realize how the only thing holding them back is themselves. I am attracted to that rare species that lives to pursue excellence and aims too high. I doubt there’s someone who loves socialising more than me, but the truth is that there’s only so many conversations you can have about this season’s latest collections and next vacations- I like digging deeper to find hopes, aspirations and the real soul behind the facade.

Truth is, when you think like the way I do, you’ll often be questioned and challenged but then it’s better to be true to yourself than live somebody else’s life. I enjoy this pursuit of knowledge and excellence, where I’m constantly expanding my horizons and exceeding personal bests. I guess this kind of consciousness only dawns after having faced certain levels of adversity- but I hope you at least try to get rid of the inhibitions that hold you back. Some mornings I wake up and think about how my life has taken this unconventional and unplanned track, but then I say to myself, “Live forwards, no regrets.”

Be kind, be compassionate, respect people’s emotions, aim high, give back, seek, explore, learn and live without fear. That might sound cliched, but man, life starts where fear ends. Exactly a year ago, I was in a dark place, and I told myself that 2014 was going to be MY year, for myself and I think I’ve done surprisingly well by even my standards. Launched a company, moved out of my parents’ place, living off my own earnings, building exciting models with start-ups, teaching Zumba, meeting incredible people, long distance running and there’s just so much more that I accomplished in this past year! The only focus for this year was growth and personal development but guess what, this was only the warm up- game time is NOW!