Year 22: Annual reflection post

Starting out, I made a decision to transform myself and the year of ‘me’ has been the best year of my life so far, and it’s only going to get better from here. I am committed to getting better each day, as cliched as that might sound. However, those who do it, know the feeling you get every day upon waking up, when you know that it’s a fresh start, and the day has to be made grand. While there are ups and downs, the determination and fearlessness make it seem like progress regardless of how the day goes. When you’re driven to do better, live better, feel better, everything you do, every person you meet, every thought changes, and you experience abundance for being true to yourself.

Once the mind set itself I realised, that I wasn’t competing with anyone anymore, rather, creating my own segment. Most people work because they want to prove something to someone, for me, that person is myself. It’s been a roller coaster of a year but I’ve had me throughout, and I’ll always have me. When you shift from being emotionally dependent to independent, you realise that it is ultimately your own wellness that transcends into all relationships in your life. So, I choose to be happy, so I can make all the people in my life, happy! I do believe that most people come not to stay but to teach you something in life, so all the ones who’ve left me, have left me with a valuable lesson that adds to my life, for that I’m thankful.

I seriously set out this year with the mission to improve the quality of my life. For that, I decided to start meditating and while I had done it off and on as a runner and athlete off and on, doing it on a daily basis has affected me very, very deeply. I’m calmer, much more proactive, creative and am able to observe and monitor my thoughts. They say life is what you think of it, and for me, my life is love, growth and abundance.

I must acknowledge how blessed I feel for I’ve traveled the world and back. Most people cannot envision a better way of life, for they’ve never stepped out of their homes. Through my travels and my books, my mind has expanded my imagination and filled up with gratitude. If one is seriously considering personal development, the combination of meditation, traveling and books is what I would recommend, undoubtedly.

Always been a thinker and never one to share much, however, I tested vulnerability this year and shared some unspeakable truths about my life with certain people I only met this year. It has improved not incrementally but at least 10x the quality of relationships in my life. And while everyone I chose might’ve not been the right person to confide in, I’m glad I did it, for it was a personal growth experiment and it was important to me.

After a lot of soul searching and working on it, I’ve finally found the meaning I wish to give to Aqaya. It is my first venture and my baby, but it is not a real word and has no definition. I’ve decided what it will mean from here on, and it is ‘eudaimonia’, human flourishing i.e. prosperity through empowerment. One of my entrepreneur friends made me realise that how in every society there are people who fight for the next generation. Who work towards making the world better for the coming generation, and are responsible for continuation of human progress and evolution. I want to be one of those people who fight for change, of thought, especially. The logo of Aqaya has double infinity in it, and now I want it to mean continuation of progress and flourishing.

While this year, I worked with several start-ups, now I feel like Aqaya is ready for its next big steps. I felt it was important for me to experiment with various things so as to define what I wanted to spend my next few years building. On purpose, I chose to work a lot with the underprivileged , travel, run half marathons, teach Zumba, move to another city, meet new people, work on several start-ups and a lot of new experiences just so I could arrive at what mission Aqaya should be aligned to.

May this coming year, help me take the warming up of this year to another level, and bring life to what is already a reality in my head. Speaking of reality, I wrote a particular sentence after something had a profound effect on me,”My reality was painful so I created a different one.” You see, as devastated as you might be, or how much you might’ve suffered previously, is no reason to still let it affect your future going forward. You can claim your life, if you stop playing victim, and take charge of your thoughts, your vision and your ambition.

After all, “where there’s life there’s hope.” (Steven Hawking)


What goes on in a Winner’s Mind?

Always chasing, always hoping, always waiting…You’re always only ‘almost’ where you want to be- only almost there, almost achieved, and almost present. Do we even realise that sometimes (maybe most times) we’re never present in our own lives? Do we forget how serene and peaceful mindfulness can be? Do we truly realise how precious this very moment is?

For me, I’m part vintage and an admirer of the celebrated ‘me’ time men used to have in the previous century (and before)- those evenings where they would retire into the study and just read, write and THINK. Social engagements, meals, work formed an integral part of their day, but evenings were the treasured and special time to explore and question the knowing of the human race, to excel at something of their own creation and to evaluate the day or maybe life in general. I believe, that most advancements race of the human are a result of an evening of leisure, of deliberate thoughtfulness and mindfulness- even if they didn’t exactly happen during the same evening, but inception of the idea happened, the seeds were sown for something larger, bigger, and better. What was the common ground of it all? Thinking. Mindfulness. Present.

There is chaos, there is fear, there is abundance of emotions, reflexes, thoughts- and everything in between in everybody’s mind. But I think I have an answer to ‘What goes on in a Winner’s mind?’. 

There’s so much life in a moment, in a single breath, in the air around us. Notice how peaceful it is, just there all around us, blossoming and flourishing quietly- enabling our survival, our breaths, our life. The fallen leaves, the little birds chirping, the swaying grass, the clouds in the sky, the crisp morning much happening in just this moment. Think of it, immerse yourself in it, realise the serenity in this beautiful chaos- the life all around us, and in each moment hereafter. All the people around, have their own unique stories. Their faces and bodies have unique lines, scares, imperfections, types- but it feels like we’re all in sync. All breathing the same air, all surrounded by the same life, all encompassed in this bubble that we can’t see from outside. We might have chosen different ways to survive this life, but we exist together, as a whole. We’re all a part of one creation, we’re all a part of each other..we’re individuals that constitute a whole- without even realising that it is extraordinary just to be alive.

So, what goes in a winner’s mind? Life goes on in the winner’s mind- it is beautifully chaotic, and at the same time the most peaceful haven. A winner, regardless, of goals and ambitions, is present in each moment of his/her life. Yes, it is human trait to strive for more, to be more- but once you learn to master and align the life within you with the life around you- you become a direct powerhouse of energy. You start believing.. you start sensing and breathing possibilities, opportunities, and your journey’s greatness. My friend, there are no ordinary moments.

“May you become the magic you wish to see, may you realise that the magic is YOU.

Here’s to magic, may you believe in it, may you see it, may you be it.” 

Shrishti Sahu


What a wonderful life!

Thank God, I have a vision to make my life grand. Most people I’ve encountered just exist, that’s all, but I? I live. It is all about designing the kind of life you want to live. Imagine yourself as a creator, where nothing is impossible and everything accessible with dreams that extend or match the magnificence of this Universe itself.

It is indeed beautiful and humbling to realize that we are made up of a million atoms. Those tiny particles vibrating at high speeds just make our physical existence bundles of energies and vibrations. It is so important to find or be in sync with the soul and not ever overlook the fact that we have tremendous power within us.

People must realize that the emotions, the feelings and everything they live through, can all be controlled. This soul of ours (our inner self) controls all the happenings in our life. So choose, choose beauty, choose love, choose prosperity and you shall receive it.

As we are just bundles of energy, we choose what we attract to our lives. Our thoughts become things, as a result of their influence on our everyday actions (No, not specifically because of The Secret but because of our own power to control our actions). Through proper meditation skills, it is possible to monitor and observe your thoughts. Once you start channeling your thoughts to see the good, you start receiving the good- because you start creating the good.

Must remember, that we control our inner universe. Other than that, all external influences and circumstances are temporary. Train your inner being to be happy, energetic, intelligent and generous- and strive to create a wonderful life for yourself.

I am full of gratitude for my life, the people in it and the everything that I’ve been blessed with. So far, it has been my upbringing and expereinces that controlled my life’s happenings but now I’m fully aware and in charge. Through meditation and journaling every morning, I’m ready to re-design my own life to ‘glory’. Let’s make this time on Earth truly valuable and beautiful.

Nothing can match the power of someone who has decided to conquer its own self- for the Universe, the answers, the battles- all lie within you.

You are SO beautiful, you are SO powerful- be it, act like it.