Questions that I’ve been working on

Most people set out and spend their younger years looking for answers to make sense out of life. I was obsessed with figuring life out too, but a recent realization left me wondering if it is ever about answers at all?

I’ve discovered that it all comes down to the right questions for our own, unique selves rather than the set list that the world sets for us. How can all of us be given the same questions when our capabilities and personalities are each unique? We must proactively create a specific line of questions for ourselves, our lives, tailored to our goals and ambition.

I’ve arrived on some questions for myself, that I’m constantly thinking about, almost obsessively. I feel comfortable sharing them, as I’m doing real groundwork on them, and have now aligned my focus completely to the questions I created for myself.

Question 1: What work should I be doing that will create a significant impact on generations to come? How do I create an organization that shelters and protects my employees and their families’ futures?

Laying a strong foundation based on people as its pillars is important to me, as it is integrity, generosity and ambition that I respect the most. Giving people an atmosphere to grow, to feel secure in, not only for themselves but also their kids is what I’m trying to build. If, in this life, I’m able to do work that empowers and creates prosperity for the people involved for decades to come, I will feel that I’ve had a meaningful life.

Question 2: How do we make technology accessible on a grand scale? 

Our biggest problem is also our biggest opportunity in this case, as it gives us a chance right now, to build the future world. I do agree with Peter Thiel when he says that technology  is the most significant force of our times, even more than globalization. I’m crazy optimistic about our future, but that optimism has to be constantly fueled by work done in the field, we need more lives to feel the positive impact of technology.

Question 3: How do we create new resources that benefit the society? What issues do we need to be working on?

Advancements and progress as a society come from taking bold steps to create a different future. We need to be unraveling new truths, new technologies and new methods of doing things.

Question 4: How do we educate and create jobs for the current generation, while planning for our future generations?

Is the work that we’re doing protecting interests of our current generation? Also, is our plan in place to create a secure future for the next generations?

Question 5: How do I use Aqaya to create prosperity through empowerment?

Aqaya means Eudaimonia, we’re building on ideals of belonging and benefiting others, flourishing, thriving and exercising excellence. How do I create multiple avenues and streams to attract the best talent to benefit people in huge numbers?

Question 6: How do I create and access a platform to interact with the brightest minds of our time?

I’m a firm believer in the fact that what differentiates the most successful and sharpest minds from the masses is their consistency and access to a different wave of information. My efforts are aligned in meeting and interacting with the best in their fields so that I’m always fed quality information.

Most people aspire to lead a certain kind of lifestyle or become a certain someone but don’t want to put the work that demands to be input. Creating ‘something’ (could be anything) while you’re here, is the easiest way to try and leave a mark and legacy behind. In other words, you will only be remembered for your own unique creation, so what’s going to be your contribution to our history?

I’ll close this with something I wrote to myself recently, “How differently would you live if you truly believed that limitless possibilities were under your feet? Better start living that way, cause they are! Your dream is as scalable as your mind believes it is.”


Wisdom = Knowledge + Integration

As an entrepreneur and someone who wants to experience a lot of life, I’ve come to a conclusion that’ll help me stay sane in all of the noise.

You see, when you’re always venturing out into the unknown, trying to meet new people, finding out latest advancements and trying to always be on the lookout for new experiences or what the future’s going to look like, you start missing out on the present moment. ‘Mindfulness’ as they’d call it, and I’d read tons about it, hit me in the face this weekend when I found myself unable to focus at all. You might have experienced the urge to pick up your phone every 15 minutes, getting distracted in the middle of writing an email and completely missing out on an hour sometimes just because of trying to learn ‘new’ things. 

I don’t say present moment, like a guru, but as someone futuristic always trying to look ahead. Where do we draw the line between ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘living the now‘? Why are we constantly losing out on our lives and on what’s really happening? When did it become more important to ‘look like you’re having a great time’ than actually and truly enjoying yourself? It’s a shame that sometimes we forget to realize, sit back and adopt lessons from our learning, as we’re unconsciously devolving to the level of a gold fish.

The ‘missing key’ to everything we learn and actually experiencing or implementing it in our lives, is the fact that we do not integrate. We’re always learning new things, consuming more knowledge, and midst all this new information and facts we forget the fact that the only useful information is the one we choose to integrate into our daily routines.

It is pointless if you know something and don’t use it. I’ve got a hundred books on the book stand next to my bed, and I’ve read most of them however, the shame is that I don’t necessarily remember the essence of the books, or what I liked the most about them- cause I just focused on getting through the pages, not digesting what I read. As we go through life, I think it’s more important to keep coming back to the things that matter, the principles and the fundamentals. What do you actually believe in? What did you really learn from an experience, from your day or your interaction with someone new?

I’ve learnt the fact that we constantly need to evolve through integration and implementation, and I hope to changes things from here on. I will take time to integrate my new learnings. Less is more, when you use the less to your advantage through action. Whatever you might learn, be it in the day or during your week, take some time to see how you can fit it into your life. What differentiates knowledge and wisdom for me, is integration, and I’m going to be mindful of this from here on. 

What goes on in a Winner’s Mind?

Always chasing, always hoping, always waiting…You’re always only ‘almost’ where you want to be- only almost there, almost achieved, and almost present. Do we even realise that sometimes (maybe most times) we’re never present in our own lives? Do we forget how serene and peaceful mindfulness can be? Do we truly realise how precious this very moment is?

For me, I’m part vintage and an admirer of the celebrated ‘me’ time men used to have in the previous century (and before)- those evenings where they would retire into the study and just read, write and THINK. Social engagements, meals, work formed an integral part of their day, but evenings were the treasured and special time to explore and question the knowing of the human race, to excel at something of their own creation and to evaluate the day or maybe life in general. I believe, that most advancements race of the human are a result of an evening of leisure, of deliberate thoughtfulness and mindfulness- even if they didn’t exactly happen during the same evening, but inception of the idea happened, the seeds were sown for something larger, bigger, and better. What was the common ground of it all? Thinking. Mindfulness. Present.

There is chaos, there is fear, there is abundance of emotions, reflexes, thoughts- and everything in between in everybody’s mind. But I think I have an answer to ‘What goes on in a Winner’s mind?’. 

There’s so much life in a moment, in a single breath, in the air around us. Notice how peaceful it is, just there all around us, blossoming and flourishing quietly- enabling our survival, our breaths, our life. The fallen leaves, the little birds chirping, the swaying grass, the clouds in the sky, the crisp morning much happening in just this moment. Think of it, immerse yourself in it, realise the serenity in this beautiful chaos- the life all around us, and in each moment hereafter. All the people around, have their own unique stories. Their faces and bodies have unique lines, scares, imperfections, types- but it feels like we’re all in sync. All breathing the same air, all surrounded by the same life, all encompassed in this bubble that we can’t see from outside. We might have chosen different ways to survive this life, but we exist together, as a whole. We’re all a part of one creation, we’re all a part of each other..we’re individuals that constitute a whole- without even realising that it is extraordinary just to be alive.

So, what goes in a winner’s mind? Life goes on in the winner’s mind- it is beautifully chaotic, and at the same time the most peaceful haven. A winner, regardless, of goals and ambitions, is present in each moment of his/her life. Yes, it is human trait to strive for more, to be more- but once you learn to master and align the life within you with the life around you- you become a direct powerhouse of energy. You start believing.. you start sensing and breathing possibilities, opportunities, and your journey’s greatness. My friend, there are no ordinary moments.

“May you become the magic you wish to see, may you realise that the magic is YOU.

Here’s to magic, may you believe in it, may you see it, may you be it.” 

Shrishti Sahu


The “How am I thinking?” Checklist.

The problem with thinking big and trying to challenge the world is the OPPOSITION. Most people give up on ideas and dreams because of how they expect to be opposed, challenged and rejected. Imagine, if everyone started giving up on ideas- there wouldn’t be any change or growth- we’d just do the same things every single day and ultimately die. Change is inevitable, it is important, and sometimes you need to be it! 

Ordinary and mediocrity is essential for a society too, to have great people stand out, but it is always your call to decide which group you want to be a part of. You see, resistance training helps you build muscle by cutting down fat, similarly use that opposition to make your mind and personality grow and cut down on the BS- the world’s got enough in circulation. You can choose your company, your partner, your goals and you are a sum of all those choices- so why not make better and bigger choices?

You DO NOT have to be the smartest or the most intelligent person, you just need to know what you don’t know and channel your thinking accordingly- thus avoiding the mistake of being ignorant and making conscious choices rather than accepting to be at the end-side of the cycle. (No, all awful things don’t target you- you don’t need to constantly crib or be miserable- you can make the effort and be at the deciding end rather than a victim of everything!)

The “How am I thinking?” Checklist is something I found while reading the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz. It helps me put my thoughts in order, and aim higher- thought I’d share it to encourage better thinking and decision making.

  1. When I worry:
    • Would an important person worry about this? Would the most successful person I know be disturbed about this?
  2. An idea:
    • What would an important person do if he had this idea?
  3. My appearance:
    • Do I look like someone who has maximum self-respect?
  4. My language:
    • Am I using the language of successful people?
  5. What I read:
    • Would an important person read this?
  6. Conversation:
    • Is this something successful people would discuss?
  7. When I lose my temper:
    • Would an important person get mad at what I’m mad at?
  8. My job:
    • How does an important person describe his job to others?

You know, you don’t have to belittle yourself and get demotivated just because you’re a little behind in the race. I always tell myself, “the race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself.” You need to develop the mindset of a person who likes winning, dreams big and is successful to make yourself push and work harder and get closer to your dreams.

Would you rather talk to a smiling person or a miserable grumpy looking fella? So don’t be the grumpy stuck-up person- look interesting, approachable and generous and try harder to build meaningful relationships and have the deep conversations, and listen. You’ll be surprised by how many people have a life full of interesting stories to share but never get an ear. Instead of turning your head into a book or your latest smartphone, see opportunities in people- imagine what a great read a person could be.

Now go ahead, and be the interesting book that everyone would want to read. Develop the mindset of the change-bringers, the go-getters, the dreamers, the misfits and do not give up just yet. I had the writer’s block for the last week, because of negative emotions in my head about a lot of things. Everyone has those days where you lack inspiration, feel low, and just can’t look at the brighter side- I had a week of that. However, this checklist and my mindset is helping me to get back on track. My dream is to affect millions of lives positively and make a real difference so you see, I can’t let a bad week get in the way of that ambition. Now, that’s how you let go of little things in the light of the bigger picture.

“Make mistakes, make glorious mistakes.”- Neil Gaiman

“Experience is what you get, when you didn’t get what you wanted“- Randy Pausch

Life is your canvas, focus on the bigger picture and paint it however you like.