Wisdom = Knowledge + Integration

As an entrepreneur and someone who wants to experience a lot of life, I’ve come to a conclusion that’ll help me stay sane in all of the noise.

You see, when you’re always venturing out into the unknown, trying to meet new people, finding out latest advancements and trying to always be on the lookout for new experiences or what the future’s going to look like, you start missing out on the present moment. ‘Mindfulness’ as they’d call it, and I’d read tons about it, hit me in the face this weekend when I found myself unable to focus at all. You might have experienced the urge to pick up your phone every 15 minutes, getting distracted in the middle of writing an email and completely missing out on an hour sometimes just because of trying to learn ‘new’ things. 

I don’t say present moment, like a guru, but as someone futuristic always trying to look ahead. Where do we draw the line between ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘living the now‘? Why are we constantly losing out on our lives and on what’s really happening? When did it become more important to ‘look like you’re having a great time’ than actually and truly enjoying yourself? It’s a shame that sometimes we forget to realize, sit back and adopt lessons from our learning, as we’re unconsciously devolving to the level of a gold fish.

The ‘missing key’ to everything we learn and actually experiencing or implementing it in our lives, is the fact that we do not integrate. We’re always learning new things, consuming more knowledge, and midst all this new information and facts we forget the fact that the only useful information is the one we choose to integrate into our daily routines.

It is pointless if you know something and don’t use it. I’ve got a hundred books on the book stand next to my bed, and I’ve read most of them however, the shame is that I don’t necessarily remember the essence of the books, or what I liked the most about them- cause I just focused on getting through the pages, not digesting what I read. As we go through life, I think it’s more important to keep coming back to the things that matter, the principles and the fundamentals. What do you actually believe in? What did you really learn from an experience, from your day or your interaction with someone new?

I’ve learnt the fact that we constantly need to evolve through integration and implementation, and I hope to changes things from here on. I will take time to integrate my new learnings. Less is more, when you use the less to your advantage through action. Whatever you might learn, be it in the day or during your week, take some time to see how you can fit it into your life. What differentiates knowledge and wisdom for me, is integration, and I’m going to be mindful of this from here on. 


The beginning: 21 and a lifestyle entrepreneur

I graduated this July (2013) with a degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick. People always used to tell me to make the most of it, because Uni years were going to be the best years of my life. I did have the most incredible time in England, but I refuse to settle for the belief that the best years are gone! How can I live life knowing I’m never going to feel the same way (or better) again?

Through this blog, I want to reach out to all students and graduates, to make them see life’s million possibilities and opportunities. I personally could never sign up for a 9-5 corporate job (apart from the internships I did), and have always wished to find freedom and mobility even with work. I refuse to accept that I need to be stuck in a cubicle for the next 20 years of my life, to head a company I might not even be passionate about, and enjoy the perks that are supposed to compensate for the dark circles, stress and frustration from working 80+ hours a week.

My relatives do not understand this concept, neither do most of my friends. It’s the concept of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur– where I get to experience the different life experiences that the world has to offer, improve my overall productivity and live a meaningful life. I’ve read many, many books on personal development, and the world seems to be preaching the phrase ‘follow your passion’, but I feel that passion is something that can be built/felt over time after continually doing something you love. Now, there are so many things you could fall in love with in life, which you won’t know about until you experience them! I think our 20s are to explore life, introduce ourselves to the things we love, so that we can spend the rest of our lives being sure that we didn’t settle AND we chose to live the life we love.

But I do not have any legit work experience….as people would say. I’m going to contradict that, by sharing my journey, while I establish an online business to earn the money that I need to create a life full of adrenaline, adventure and traveling. I must admit though, that chasing money or possessions has never been one of my goals- I value relationships, excitement and discipline.

So in short, I’m 21, curious about life, and this is the blog where I will share my journey towards financial freedom and mobility.