I am an ardent supporter of certain causes and work actively with organizations who work in the related fields. If your organization is one of them, please get in touch and tell me about your efforts.

Children’s education – With education comes empowerment, and empowerment results in progress as a society. I am often found on the streets playing with and teaching children, because I know that everybody deserves better opportunities and access to better resources. I know I’m going to do a lot of work in this field, currently, I donate to, sponsor, and work with a few  NGOs to make a difference.

Women Empowerment – As a woman in business, I’ve come to realize the significant impact women can have if they are given more power and somehow a higher self-esteem. It is important to me that talent is recognized and promoted, so that inhibitions and insecurities are done away with to a great extent.

Poverty Alleviation – Having seen how many people are deprived of basic necessities and  wasted in hopelessness, it is important to lessen those numbers. Working to empower and secure lives is of core importance to me.

Biodiversity conservation – India found its independence because of the thousands who sacrificed their lives so that their future generations could live in a free nation. They knew they wouldn’t live to see it for themselves, but they fought valiantly. If anything, the history of my own democracy has taught me that for the progress of the society, it is important to think about the consequences of our actions on the future generations. I wish that the generations to come are able to witness the miracles of nature in their true splendor, and this needs to become a more conscious effort within the GEN-Y community.

Renewable energy– Learning about this upcoming field has made me realize the impact the sector is going to have on the environment going forward. I’m looking to invest in projects that support alternative sources of energy.

Space exploration– Excited by the prospects, this dream doesn’t seem too distant. If you’ve read my blog posts, I often refer to the Cosmos, as it has always been in the corner of my mind to have my share of space travel.

Music – I feel very strongly about the impact that music can have when it comes to bringing together crowds and affecting them emotionally. The past bears evidence that even during days in concentration camps and through slavery music was used as an escape to transcend to a calmer and less chaotic version of self. My reason to support events and campaigns in Music is to offer people an escape from the drudgery of life, at least sometimes.


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