Fulfillment, Gratitude, Perseverance

  • Fulfillment comes from Gratitude

One of my favourite Marcus Aurelius quotes that I often find myself going back to is: “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

I’ve been making mental notes about things that I feel thankful for, and the place you create when you are on gratitude mode, is frankly like no other- it is safe, happy and makes room for more abundance to come your way. To feel fulfilled not by your status, position or particular state but by a blissful peace within your own self that no one can take away (no matter what), is important and makes all the difference to the quality of your life. The circumstances don’t have to be perfect (they almost never will be) but you must build within yourself a place of love and abundance that will empower you, even when things don’t go your way- and a place you can keep going back to for rebooting and starting over.

  • “It’s your decisions and not your conditions or circumstances that will change your life,” Tony Robbins. 

I do believe that how you decide to feel about a particular situation is more important than the particular situation itself. With this realization comes a unique power- that no matter what, you have control over how you feel and how you live. Choose what you focus on, choose to feel empowered and don’t play the victim, ever.

  • Two things that ensure growth and progresslearning and experiences.

Each day try to be the weakest person in the room- because that will lead to learning- and over a few days/weeks/months that incremental learning will compound itself to give you exponential results.

  • Achievement is not more important than fulfillment.

It is sometimes for the best to not achieve everything on your list, because it gives you the motivation to keep going on and goals to look forward to.  If you operate from a place of fulfillment, your achievements or failures won’t affect your core peace but if you measure your self-worth and esteem through achievement metrics, there will always be a void. How to be fulfilled? Be thankful for the journey, the love and the good things that have happened to you than anxious about what future holds or worse, worry about what happened in the past.

  • Perseverance

People who succeed are mostly (with the exception of a few outliers) those who work and persevere on a single idea for a long time. It might not look pretty or grand at the beginning but in a few years you see their success. Persevere on a single pursuit for success rather than always trying to transition to a new thing. Finish what you start, or at least give it your all before you adopt a new passion/milestone.

  • Favourite new words: Competence porn

(Competence i.e. the ability to do something successfully or efficiently). The truth is that how you do anything, is how you do everything. What I’ve started to see is a pattern in people who are detail-oriented and efficient about a particular thing, usually, apply those skills to everything they do. Efficiencies and diligence lay down a foundation for success.

  • During an interview someone asked me “What is leadership for you, personally?”

My answer was- For me, leadership is making sure that people on your team feel fulfilled by the work they do, and feel that their contribution is meaningful. Leadership isn’t dictatorship rather about making sure that everyone is growing and progressing in some way. It is important for me, to add value to their life, so that in return, they add value to the organization.


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