I started this blog when I first started taking steps towards becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur. For everyone who has been following my journey, this is one of the most important updates.

I can’t go back home.

After graduation I chose to live with my parents again because well, home is where the heart is. Living in close proximity to the people who love me unconditionally was the best atmosphere to place myself in. I had missed them while I was away in the UK, and made a deliberate and conscious decision of taking forward my dad’s work.

Once I started working for him, I realized that all he needed me for was really just suggestions and new age ideas; he already had his team of executioners. Was I adding real value?


Thus, AQAYA happened. It had been a burning desire of mine since probably the age of 5 to start something from scratch; I always wanted to be a ‘businesswoman’. I can’t clearly justify my reasons for wanting that since young, but at 18 I kind of realized that I would have to fight for and create the life I wanted. Living independently in the UK, I soon realized that I would need money, actually, a lot of money to sustain the life that I wanted to enjoy. It all became about chasing the dream lifestyle, the island, the Californian residence, the traveling and the experiences. But, that was at 18.

At 21, I had myself registered as a sole proprietor (a small business owner), and AQAYA became my first personal venture. At this point however, I had worked with several start-ups and done a lot of promotional and marketing work for companies and events. That’s all the experience that I started with! I guess the best thing about starting young and early is that you’re completely unaware of the ‘system’, the rules that you’re supposed to follow, the strategies and norms that society enforces upon your thought process. You experiment, you mess around and you learn, and this knowledge is real power, it enlightens and shakes you up from within.

I guess the last year for me was all about locating the pivot of my being. I wanted to figure out what truly stimulates me, what I wanted to become a ‘businesswoman’ for, what I enjoyed doing apart from work, and how I would want to like my life to shape up.

I’m 22, but because of self-education and my drive to try and pursue excellence and really live a high quality life, I feel like I am doing good work. I have a long way ahead of me, but this journey that I have started feels real, like somehow this was what my life’s purpose is. I’m pretty certain I want to end up in the education sector, cause I believe that with education comes empowerment and with empowerment comes true progress as a society.

My decision to move out is very rational- I want to evolve, I cannot get too comfortable anywhere.

I believe in honest and quality relationships, and now it is my time to seek and learn from the best in their fields. My love for learning and excelling has brought me to another city, wherein there are people who are accomplishing and striving for similar goals as me.

Spending 3 weeks away from my routine, my disciplined life at home made me see my ambitions in a different light. Not everyone gets a do-over or a restart button, but this is my chance. There was a time during my trip when I felt like I had hit rock bottom, and it was agonizing. However, I guess, it is in the lowest of your lows, that you find the clarity and an unflinching belief in possibilities, if you truly seek.

I trust now, what I realized then, the trip in itself was going to be the turning point of my life.

Now I’m in a completely new environment, I want to meet and be around people who are striving to become the best and the highest versions of themselves. I need to surround myself with competition and growth. I’m working with several start-ups and training intensely to smash a world record- will keep this section updated!

P.S- The goal is to live the highest quality of life, become world-class, and strive to experience life’s magnificence every minute of my being.


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