Once, I found myself engrossed in a very deep conversation, not the ordinary speaking or exchanging pleasantries- but the real deal. The type wherein you’re discussing philosophy, core beliefs, meaning, aspirations, spirituality and literally all aspects of life- yes, the kind that don’t happen often, but once they do, you cannot help but reflect upon them for several days after. In that span of time, the 3-4 hours that I spent with the person, I felt stimulated, constantly on my feet, thinking, pausing, reflecting AND sharing. As I left their place, I couldn’t help but notice how aligned I felt with myself, how I felt like I had myself figured out, how I was smiling but that was a smile that came from a deeper knowing of something I had been craving. I felt like a bond had been established, a connection found and something changed within me.

Days passed, I moved on but I never forgot that feeling I felt, I couldn’t. And then, suddenly, one morning after my morning run and a few minutes of meditation it hit me. The powerful realization that came upon me was ground-stirring, I felt like I finally knew what made that particular conversation different, I knew why it moved me!

Truth is, that the conversation was so special because of the answer-bank I had found within me. I already had all the answers, what I needed to hear, say and act on within me; they just hadn’t surfaced externally yet i.e. they were stored away in some corner of mind, and not a conscious realization. It wasn’t about the other person, it was about the right questions, the questions that were encouraging the thought process to power up.

Imagine, if we asked ourselves the right questions on a daily basis. If we really appreciated the value of introspection and self-realization..if we evaluated our life regularly. I propose that meditation and evaluation form the basis of personal growth and progress, if you’re not growing on a daily basis- you’re not living. Ask yourself, if you know yourself enough. If you know the person, the life within you. Once your start having these regular conversations with yourself, you’ll start falling in love with yourself, you’d want to know better, to do better, and eventually make peace with everything going on.

In life, we’re always subjecting ourself to various externalities, thinking that changing our circumstances, changing our surroundings or our company will make all the difference that we need. What we forget is, that no matter where you take yourself, you are going to go there with your own self- and if you don’t know or like the person that you are internally, you are never going to feel ‘right’ anywhere or with whomsoever!

“How can you wonder your travels do you no good, when you carry yourself around with you? You are saddled with the very thing that drove you away.”- Seneca

Be principle-centered and not easily swayed by people, emotions, possessions and circumstances. Realize that there is a core within you that is independent and makes decisions proactively. Pay heed to the voice within.

Be alive, reflect, and proactively make informed choices- cause at the end of it all, we are our own choices.


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