The longest relationship you’re going to have in your life, is with yourself- so start treating yourself better. How do you normally spoil the person you’re in a relationship with? Start with complimenting yourself, spending on and investing for yourself, enjoy your own company, enjoy your body and indulgences but most importantly, love yourself unconditionally.

On your fat days, as much as on your skinny days. On successful days and after the most disastrous moments- through it all, thick and thin. Loving someone comes naturally as a result of accepting everything about them. Each flaw, each imperfection, each scar and everything about them. If we have it in us to love someone so deeply, how do we forget to love ourselves as much? How do we become secondary in our own lives? Why do we stop valuing the person inside?

Once you accept everything about yourself, you only make yourself more loving and caring about others. Your life falls into perspective, doubts go away, and you set standards for the life around you- the environment, the people and even though indirectly, your circumstances. If you know what you deserve to be treated like, then no one can make you feel otherwise. Never ever let someone else’s perception of you or how you should live your life influence your decisions or reasons. Everyone will have an opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do- but don’t forget you’re always in the driver’s seat; you just have to take control.

Life is such a wonderful gift- all you need to do is life in a way that is worthy of this gift.

Smile and laugh more than usual, care and love more than you can, help and make a genuine effort to understand others, think and reflect to improve yourself, every single day.

Regardless of your circumstances, treat yourself right. Believe and know that there’s always room to grown and shine! All power lies within us. All beauty lies within us. The whole cosmos is within us, and whatever you see as your reality now, is just a reflection of your inside world. Once you love the little person (i.e. soul) inside you, you automatically take charge of this game of life.





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