Thank God, I have a vision to make my life grand. Most people I’ve encountered just exist, that’s all, but I? I live. It is all about designing the kind of life you want to live. Imagine yourself as a creator, where nothing is impossible and everything accessible with dreams that extend or match the magnificence of this Universe itself.

It is indeed beautiful and humbling to realize that we are made up of a million atoms. Those tiny particles vibrating at high speeds just make our physical existence bundles of energies and vibrations. It is so important to find or be in sync with the soul and not ever overlook the fact that we have tremendous power within us.

People must realize that the emotions, the feelings and everything they live through, can all be controlled. This soul of ours (our inner self) controls all the happenings in our life. So choose, choose beauty, choose love, choose prosperity and you shall receive it.

As we are just bundles of energy, we choose what we attract to our lives. Our thoughts become things, as a result of their influence on our everyday actions (No, not specifically because of The Secret but because of our own power to control our actions). Through proper meditation skills, it is possible to monitor and observe your thoughts. Once you start channeling your thoughts to see the good, you start receiving the good- because you start creating the good.

Must remember, that we control our inner universe. Other than that, all external influences and circumstances are temporary. Train your inner being to be happy, energetic, intelligent and generous- and strive to create a wonderful life for yourself.

I am full of gratitude for my life, the people in it and the everything that I’ve been blessed with. So far, it has been my upbringing and expereinces that controlled my life’s happenings but now I’m fully aware and in charge. Through meditation and journaling every morning, I’m ready to re-design my own life to ‘glory’. Let’s make this time on Earth truly valuable and beautiful.

Nothing can match the power of someone who has decided to conquer its own self- for the Universe, the answers, the battles- all lie within you.

You are SO beautiful, you are SO powerful- be it, act like it.



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