I have learnt a great deal about people since I’ve started in business. I wanted to write down a few thoughts I’ve had on my mind.

First of all, I’ve learnt that life is in the moments when you’re striving for something, trying to excel, trying to become, trying to achieve- otherwise, it’s not living, it is surviving. Everyone wants to be happier, better, more successful, more wealthy, more talented etc- and maybe that’s exactly how it is supposed to be. Ever wondered how life would be like if we weren’t trying? It would be so directionless, so meaningless and push you on the brink of depression. For this reason, I’m always going to keep trying, keep pushing, keep wanting and keep achieving. Maybe if you’re feeling low, dejected or lost- life is insinuating that you need a bigger picture- a goal, a want, another personal victory, another something. As I feel that feeling, I just envision my future- and somehow, the momentary feelings of dejection are lost in the air.

It is astonishing how many people I’ve encountered and how unique each one is! I so deeply admire the beauty that each one has- there is something so special about knowing that even though each is blessed with similar features- NONE is exactly the same. It is so empowering to feel unique, like the only one, and the exclusive exotic kind. I’ve seen a lot of people dealing with misery as well, and no matter how awful or good the past is- people always find a reason to be miserable about. Maybe it is human tendency to identify with sadness easily? Maybe we just resist change till we can’t control it anymore-and hate it secretly from deep corners of our hearts. Maybe, “life is all about letting go- but we never take a moment to say goodbye!” (Yes, stole that one from Life of Pi)

Having said that, I’ve realised that each person has things both under and beyond his control. The people who seem most empowered- actually seem thus, because they let go of what lies beyond them. There is a difference between people who try with all their might and people who try the right- you know? It’s like even if you’re focusing all your energy into something that isn’t the fit for you then it won’t materialise- but if you channel your energy into the right area of focus, there is a great deal to be accomplished. Whatever the other person says while conversing, reflects more of their personality than mine. There will always be people trying to belittle your ambition, trying to pull you down or talking down to you- but in those moments you need to know that those people do not deserve your energy or your focus. What people think of you, how the society perceives you and everything in that regard, is for them to worry about and ponder on- you can just go ahead, live your life, without inhibitions and shine a little more of the bright light you exude- don’t dull your shine for anyone else.

Lastly, there is a natural addictive that exists for all mankind- it is called being pro-active, i.e. being in charge of yourself. You are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, you are not your moods and you are not your feelings- the very fact that you can process them , makes you bigger than all of them individually. (Stole this from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey) The more you identify with yourself i.e. become self-aware- you realise that you’re the choice-maker instead of a victim. YOU decide, YOU lead, YOU make your life happen– all the externalities exist in a relative manner to the power within you. No, I’m not talking about The Secret or the Universe conspiring to bring what you want to you- but I’m talking about putting yourself out ‘there’ and choosing living over following, pro-actively.

“Envision, dream and CREATE your own Universe.” (Stole that from Tony Hsiegh’s book Delivering Happiness) While it is easy to feel helpless or out of control- what if I told you that you can choose who you want in your life, distance yourself from people who add negativity, make life decisions, are free to do whatever you want to and can actually make your life, your own? Yes!? YOU CAN! Be the master of your destiny, be the captain of your soul– who are you waiting for? Just go ahead, and take charge.

Remember to surround yourself with the doers, dreamers and the seekers- let go of the negativity,  think big, become better and let your success be an inspiration.


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