The difference between my last post and this one is only one, but a big milestone has been surpassed- my business was launched and the website is up and running. AQAYA is live on with the first collection launch on the 16th of April, 2014. As I write this, I’m in bed wrapped up in my blanket at 6 in the evening, after indulging in a bit of Nutella directly from the jar. (For people who haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out on life’s best treasures.)

You see, I’ve dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since the early days. Obviously at that time, I had no idea what entrepreneurship was but I just wanted to be a businesswoman.

At 21, I wanted to register my company and become Founder & CEO, so I did. But this post isn’t about AQAYA, it’s about all my dream enablers who have made my dreams equal reality. Parents, extended family members, co-workers, service providers, suppliers, tailors, designers- indeed, a long list.

What started out by scribbling on sheets of paper was transformed into reality, into sales, into a community.

I’m not a designer, I’m an entrepreneur. All I knew about clothes before getting started was my love for the beautiful clothes, and nothing else.

From the courier service company, the team of developers even the payment gateway people- all of them were enablers.  So many people have been instrumental in shaping this project that I cannot possibly name all of them, but even to the people who rejected me, I’d give thanks for they directed me to better opportunities.

To people, who’ve supported my journey I’m grateful but I’m more grateful to the ones who don’t because they make me work harder and keep fueling the drive.
In the process, I’ve met so many new people, made so many new friends, cut off from excuses, and been through all the extremes and highs and lows but so far, so good. I’m loving this journey.

There’ll always be a sense of pride in me when I talk about Aqaya. A young girl, running around the town, trying to hustle her way through it, has finally found a ground and taken steps towards achieving her dreams. I’m never gonna just talk about entrepreneurship, because regardless of how good or bad the result is, I have learned more than I could’ve imagined- I have gained experience. I made it a point to enjoy the journey, write about it, talk about it and share it as much as I could. As people compliment me now, I take a deep breath and accept the love and the praise, because I work hard for it and I deserve it. I want to thank my God, who has put everything and everyone how and where it/they should be. I have come to accept that everything happens at its right time- you fail, only to be redirected to a better path, so don’t ever distrust the big plan; by the end of your journey, everything would’ve fallen into place.

For everything I’ve done, achieved, failed to do, lived through, this very moment, I want to sit back, unwind and give thanks. I’m so full of gratitude, it’s almost overwhelming. I will never forget tearing up when my site went live, or the people who wished me luck and congratulated me or my pillars of strength and all the things that are right, as I lie here, in this moment ,with my Nutella.


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