“The only way to sustain energies, individual or collective, is to turn our gaze up toward the far horizon of hope.”

A leader must empower his team. He cannot do the work for them, they must do it for themselves. I work with the Managing Directors of a conglomerate and I see different styles of leadership. I see how experience makes them act under pressure, while making decisions and during their everyday routine. You see, they have this thing about them: they are strong, bold and fearless; or at least they seem to be, everyday.

The boss’ mood sets everything in motion at the office. They walk in energetic, ready to take on challenges and get through the day. I could not have seen it any better; but their mood affects the morale of everyone around. They do have their moments of exhaustion, like every human, but they mask all of that, and just do what they do best, lead. The two people I work for, have the power to control the lives of many people and their families, and it is unbelievable how strengthening/ toughening it is just to be around them. Sure, they aren’t always right, but they accept their mistakes, apologise, encourage discussion and conversation and even if with trial and error, mostly get it right.

It is in the leader’s job description to strive for the goal and keep the team motivated to do the same. For no political, social or moral advancement and achievement is without formidable obstacles.

“Groups have an emotional temperature. As individuals they can be happy or sad, agitated or calm, fearful or confident. But when they come together as a group, a process of attunement – “emotional contagion” – takes place, and they begin to share the same feeling. Scientists have shown experimentally how, within fifteen minutes of starting a conversation, two people begin to converge in the physiological markers of mood, such as pulse rate. “When three strangers sit facing each other in silence for a minute or two, the one who is most emotionally expressive transmits his or her mood to the other two – without speaking a single word.”

 I aspire to be a good leader, they make me want to. I see them negotiating, signing deals, enabling people’s career, controlling assets and making a difference in thousands of lives; that is glamour for me, that is power for me.

My pursuit of excellence has only begun, but as I’m learning more, I’m experiencing more- let’s hope I’m able to make ‘the difference’ I wish to make.

Credits to Rabbi Sacks.


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