How can I change my current lifestyle and live the life I have always dreamt about?

After uni, I wanted to change. I had the craziest student experience, but I couldn’t help but wonder if any of what I was doing was actually contributing to the person I wanted to become? Β The more time I spent doing things that I really didn’t care about (or couldn’t remember), the more I couldn’t read or spend time training at the gym and it just became a frustrating cycle, because these two things actually used to make me happy! I will get into more details in other posts, but let’s focus on the changes I have made since then and the lifestyle I have chosen now.
Things that matter to me: healthy eating, fitness, reading, writing, learning new skills, quality time with the loved ones, meeting new people, philanthropy, making measurable contributions at work, travel, personal care, sleep (not in that order but a combination of all these things in just 24 hours! Who knew I could have time for EVERYTHING I wanted to do?!)

And this is what my ideal lifestyle looks like, I feel so disciplined and at peace now. You see, life at Uni, was a constant battle between who I wanted to become and who I think I needed to be, but I have grown up now. I love being the same girl when I’m with friends but I cannot go back to that lifestyle for more than that. It was unhealthy both physically and mentally and so exhausting!

What I would encourage you to do is- read. “Reading books is like conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” (Quote from Seeking Wisdom, Peter Belvin) Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you don’t have like-minded people around you or those who can stimulate your mind or the thinker in you, my easiest solution to that, is to read. Without self-education, I couldn’t be possibly have become this person I am proud to be now. Develop a stronger voice in you, the voice that will encourage you to care less about what the society thinks, and focus more on your happiness. For people, who can find joy still doing those things, no judgement seriously! But if your excuse if that “this is the age for that, I’m only 21”, na, Warren Buffet was already heading Berkshire Partnership by now, and Richard Branson too was setting up record studios around London. It all depends on who YOU aspire to be, and there’s no point in delaying taking steps in that direction, because that’s what will bring you closer to your goals, and happiness.

Choose the person you want to be, and don’t look back! Choose the traits you want to develop in yourself, the things you value as an individual and the changes you want to make. Write it down. Doesn’t matter if your thoughts fluctuate everyday/week, I use a white board to just spill all my plans on it. Once you have it in writing though, YOU will feel more accountable and possibly follow through by taking a step at a time. This blog is to describe my path to self-discovery, and I feel that writing can seriously help you develop self-esteem and confidence. I’m no Hemingway, I just like to put my thoughts out there, go ahead, do the same!

Share your thoughts with me please, I really need to know what you think! Feedback is VERY important to me in this journey- it is what will make me want to challenge myself and become better.


6 thoughts on “Uni VS now: lifestyle change.

  1. I loved reading your blog Shrishti. I,in general, love reading ( and I like the fact that you have emphasized on it. We share that ideology πŸ˜› ) and you have got some really beautifully written things here. And since you are a fan of reading too I think you would understand the feeling you get when you read some stuff and it just makes you smile and feel nice about yourself, well yes, you blog gave me exactly the same kind of feeling. Keep up with the good stuff. Its commendable. Looking forward to more posts soon. =)

    • Surabhita, thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m glad my post made you smile, I hope I keep doing that in the future posts as well. If there’s anything you would like me to write about, I’d love to do that as well. Thanks again! I hope to see you soon πŸ™‚ Stay tuned πŸ™‚

  2. read your blog….i loved the part where you said , “write it down” ….it actually helps…. and i would personally like to say thanks as your post made me feel better… thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

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