Shrishti Sahu is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. She has a degree in mechanical engineering (with a focus on automation and robotics) from the University of Warwick and a certificate in Capital Markets and Investments from Harvard University. She has 7+ years of entrepreneurial experience and has worked on e-commerce, social impact and financial technology start-ups. Her expertise lies in business development, growth hacking and technology.

In 2014, University of Warwick recognized her as an ‘Inspirational Alumni’ alongside internationally known writers, politicians, academics, scientists and lawyers.

In 2016, Shrishti was selected as one of the 12 fellows for Rajeev Motwani Fellowship, a prestigious recognition for entrepreneurs from India and Pakistan for a Silicon Valley Immersion program and for the GSBI cohort by the Miller Center of Social Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University. She was also one of the 10 women selected for Women Entrepreneur Quest, a program organized for women entrepreneurs in technology by the Anita Borg Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Indo-US Science and Technology Forum.

She has worked extensively with FICCI FLO for its Women Empowerment initiatives as a part of which she launched FLO’s National E-commerce Cell in partnership with ShopClues. She is now a part of the Innovation, Science and Technology committee of FICCI.

Passions and Interests

Shrishti’s interests range from spirituality and philosophy to finance and blockchain technology.  As an engineer, she loves to work on sustainable solutions to address complex social challenges such as poverty, unemployment and financial illiteracy. As a way to advance women rights and empowerment, her non-profit Aqaya Source Foundation organized women in self-help groups to empower them by enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood.

She has a varied range of sporting and fitness interests.  As an athlete in school, she played basketball for 10 years. Since then, she has taken up endurance running and Zumba, for which she is also a licensed instructor, and was training for the Ironman Triathlon 70.3, which is one of the world’s toughest endurance races: 90K cycling, 1.9K swimming, 21.1K running.

“Inhibitions, limits, circumferences created by our own minds can be dangerously deceiving as they restrict our personal growth. I believe that there are several passions to be discovered in life, which you can only find, if you seek and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where you are constantly being exposed to new experiences. You’ll only know that feeling when you’re inside the arena, taking on new challenges, breaking free from shackles of dogma and limits you set on yourself. You’re absolute, no matter what the world tells you, absolute at any given instant. Seek, learn, excel, grow and keep adding to your lifelog, that’s how I like to live.”


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